Saturday, March 23, 2013

She and I by O. Stevens

She asked, “can’t we just move past all these race issues?”
She said, “all this race talk makes me feel uncomfortable.”

She asked, “really, when was the last time someone was lynched?”
She said, “racism doesn’t even exist anymore.”

She asked, “How can I be racist if I love Beyonce?”
She said, “I don’t see color.”

She asked, “You’re only half Black, right?”
She said, “That doesn’t really apply to you because you’re not even all Black.”

She asked, “Your brother dresses super fly, is he a rapper?”
She said, “I love gangster rap; Kanye West is so cute.”

She asked, “Why can’t I say nigga too?
She said, “My bestfriend in the 2nd grade was half-Black.”

She asked, “How do you starve if you’re on welfare?”
She said, “My check was only $925—I’m going to need Section 8 soon.”

She asked, “What is wrong with you people?”
She said, “Nigger.”

and I just laugh.